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The Xbox

Throughout the decades, many gaming consoles have attempted to exceed their limitations to deliver exceptional content that drops the jaw of many content viewers. On the other hand, the outcomes from these consoles companies onto the market after many years is now allowed us to distinguish which console is truly the best. Microsoft's Xbox Franchise have truly defined themselves as qualitity over quanitity has the sole purpose of the content their console has obtained and continues to obtain. As Ceo of Xbox Corporations: Don Mattrick, truly help establish what gaming is today alongside it's content.

The Best of 2015

As many years of this console corporation's existence as shown many great content from the console, on the otherhand, 2015 have truly shown what expectional content should be excepted to thrive for the content viewers to enjoy upon. To be specific, some of these Xbox's exclusives alongside the new features and functionalitity Xbox has delivered has truly given people a great way to entertain themselves during the holidays and to begin a great year to come...

  1. Halo 5: Guardians stands at a first person shooter devoloped by 343 industries. The continuation to the Halo Series as the Master Chief stands altered by the death of his artificial intenlliegence: Cortana, he regroups with Blue Team to find Cortana after his encounter with the didact. As the occurences of anomilies within the universe soon pushed Osiris squad into action towards the hunt of the Master Chief seeing has these anomilies where linked to Cortana. Alongside, the Warzone depicts a full-scale 12v12 simulation battle showing the compltete chaotic combat the new halo introduces alonside the new features and forge allowing the creations of maps from content viewers like never before with Arena mathcmaking allowing for casual and competitive gameplay in smaller scale maps compared to Warzone with addition of all new content each month allowing "Halo" to earn best game award at E3 2015. In addition to the other titles added to the line of Xbox exclusives this year truly allowing Xbox to have the "Best. Game Line-up. Ever".
  2. Now only did content like new games made Xbox entertaining this holiday but Backwards Compablitity allowing great content from the past generation consoles to be relived for another great experience on the Xbox.
  3. As this great console moves forward throughout it's lifespan, the console does mohntly updates improving qualitity of content viewed on Xbox as well as other minature additions that simply made Xbox content more easier and enjoyable.
Xbox One Stats
65+ Games Released with 15+ Exclusives. 50+ Games Released with 10+ Exclusives
10 million console units sold 9 million units sold
Xbox One costing $499 Xbox One costing $399

Information in the table is from Statista, VgChartz, and Google.